we are Papa john's miami

We are a local owned franchise of Papa John's International doing business in Miami-Dade, Dania and east Hollywood. (Pizzerias, LLC)

Taking Pride in our support for local schools, we would like to thank our students, teachers and administrators for their success and continued commitment. We would also like to thank the Miami-Dade County Council PTA/PTSA and all their members. Through their perpetual support, we are able to present opportunities such as our "Partner with Papa" School Program to promote a Better community.

We sponsor yearly events such as Orgullo De Nuestra Juventud, Un Maestro Especial, Do The Right Thing and many others as part of our commitment to our community. 

A "Better Community" is a never-ending goal. You are all integral in that success. Words alone cannot express our gratitude enough.

From everyone at Papa John's across Miami-Dade County, we wish you all a safe, healthy and wonderful school year..